Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hi everybody,
As I evaluated myself again I gave myself 8/10 in the thre domains of psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being. The reson why because I think I am almost there in each one of them, yet there is more room for improvement. If I can improve myself I will reach 9 and not 10 because I will never be able to reach place where people dedicate all their life to achive ( I am being realistic). In my own way I am 8, I am not comparing myself to others. My 8/10 could not be the same as yours or as anyone else, but to me it is an 8. My score did change from y previous assessment because I did not know that I was actually involved in meditation exercises until I discovered that I do grasp a psychospiritual ritual which is visualization although I did not realize it at the time and furthermore, I give myself more time to revisit happy places from the past.I consider visualization as one of my previous goals that I achieved.
As I said psychospiritually I am investing more time in visualization and physically I am biking more often, I even take my bike to my work as a mode of trasportation these days.
Personally this course helped me discover easy ways to be happy and healthy and I appreciate the step-by-step guidance I received. The rewards for me was discovering my ability to engage in visualization as well as being able to practice the loving-kindness which I did not know about prior to this course. The difficulties lied within me, to commit, to find the time, and to be able to silece the chatter in my mind and concentrate. I am already recommending meditations to others and if anyone seems interested enough I would explain the practices I learned and I would give them the book or the meditation CD to help them understand. I may be able to do more if I only give myself some more time to perfect myself in this newly discovered autohealing practices.
I am glad I took this course and one thing for sure, it changes my life.