Friday, February 26, 2010

American On Purpose

American on purpose is a book written by one of my favorite comedians, Craig Ferguson. I have always liked the Scottish writer, actors, and brilliant comedian with his spiky hair, gorgeous accent and the funny snake mug on his desk, yet after I read his book I developed an admiration to a person who hit rock bottom more than he can count and came out ambitious and successful.
One thing that really stuck in my mind after reading his book though and trust me the book can shock you, he said that after two divorces and 25 years in the show business, the one worst woman or human being for that matter was his first elementary school teacher back in Glasgow/Scotland. His teacher and other teachers as well used to belt the kids which mean hit their small hands with leather belts. Mr. Ferguson said that his first teacher gave him his first belt when he was barely five years old for a reason he does not even remember, what cruelty.
I just watch his show "the late late show" and laugh; I also read his book and enjoyed my time reading it, but I also came out with the realization that most of us took for granted. THANKS GOD I am an American and thanks God I was not born 20 years earlier, what about you?


  1. Hello Fatima, thanks for the sites you listed on my blog. I will check them out this weekend. I am very new at blogging and meditation. My idea is to create my own meditation tapes, because I have a certain sound of music I love and self talk has positive effects. Your blog is relaxating!!!
    Thanks, Brenda A.

  2. You are very welcome Brenda. As per being new, do not worry I am new at this as well.