Sunday, March 21, 2010

Loving-kindness exercise

Hi guys,

I am embarrassed to admit that I could not fully engage myself in this exercise, may be because there is no quite place in my house or may be I kept drifting or above all, the person I love most is dead and every time this person is present in my mind I will remember equally painful memories. Any way, the part where I flood with love is there but to direct it to others! that was hard for me, yet I connected this experience to prayer because sometimes when I pray to God, I pray for others and I do my best to direct My prayers to them and for unknown reason to me, after I am done with my prayers I feel like the recipients of my prayers are in better state.

I still think this loving-kindness exercise can be of a benefit if I can master it and just like swimming, driving, and riding the bike, this exercise need to be figured out and once it is the rest will come easily. I did not figure it out in order to master it, but as I said the closest I came to such exercise is in prayer.

I would recommend this exercise to people because they may benefit from it, although I would not be able to teach them myself, just direct them to the text to do their best and achieve some results.

When I was young, my grandmother who is the person I love the most, God may bless her souls used to tell me to use my brain like my muscles or I will loss its strength, she used to tell me to read and do math just help my brain keep moving, I listen to her although I found her concept funny to comprehend ( a brain like a muscle!). As I grew up I realized that we can train ourselves to do everything, to eat less, to sleep less, to breath slower, to stick to anger management, to be athletic, to be a mask no one can penetrate..etc. The same is true about mental exercise or psychospiritual abilities. If do not use it, we loss it and to me at least, I side with logic most of the time, so my psychospiritual abilities are limited. Studies showed one hour a day dedicated to our mental training(like the loving-kindness exercise) could help us reach a level of psycho spirituality and I found this to be true because when I was younger, I was living in the Middle East where spirituality is stronger than here in the West, I used to be a better spiritual person and I even possessed what we call a sixth sense. I used to dream of things that will happen in the future and they did happen and I used to sense when someone in my family was suffering and I would call them and find out, my dreams were so clear like a movie, but now, I do not even dream as long as it is not a nightmare! So, YES, I agree with the study that approve of the concept of training our minds.

That being said, I am open to any of your comments.



  1. Fatima, I found myself wondering a couple of times the first time I tryed the practice exercise. It was very hard to focus and relax with the kids running around everywhere. The next couple of times trying, of course when the kids were asleep or not around, it was very beneficial for me. I have really realized the importance of some me time during the time taking this course. I know, easier said than done when we have children. I think this is major problem with our generation. We are so busy with everyone else, that we do not take time for ourselves. I have made up my mind!!! I am taking some time for myself twice daily and I am going to schedule this time so the kids will know exactly when that time will be daily. I going to try it anyway, should I say!!! Who knows, maybe it will work. We set our goals and should never fell. We should always try a new approach if one way doesn't work. That old saying, Try and try again!!!!

  2. Hi Fatima,

    I can understand your struggle to find that inner peace and sixth sense you had while living in the middle east. I am wondering if your inability to find it is a physical thing.......meaning, if you are toxic in heavy metals, such as aluminum or arsenic (which is a high probability) you would have trouble focusing. Check your vitamins and antioxidants which would help clear out toxins and keep them out. And like Chancey said, keep on trying, cause you'll get it with persistence!

  3. Hi Fatima,

    Do not be embarrassed about what you say or feel. I am glad you shared your thoughts as to how you were feeling when you conducted this exercise, so your classmates can help support you and encourage you. I know what it's like to think of a loved one who has passed on and this can be difficult, however, you have beautiful memories shared with this person I am sure. This person is at peace now and no harm can come to him or her. Remember all the good times and loved you shared and share those experiences with others. We will have our good days as well as our bad ones but we do learn to deal with our sadness and grieve when need be. There are times you may need to find the right time to sit and concentrate on this CD. Maybe you picked a time that was not emotionally convenient for you. Just keep practicing and you will experience happiness, loving-kindness, and mind-body wellness. Take care and remember God is always with you and so is your loved one. :)

    Jill Jernee

  4. Fatima, I agree, We have to have time for all the needed practices. You ar on point with your six sense feeling, I have it too, call mine discernment, i have learned that its always there it is how much you exercise it that strenghtens it. Amazing is it works. I used to be bothererd by it but most recently I am embracing it. I am very sensitive to the people around me like my mother and the rest of my family and people I meet. I hope you are able to reconnect to you extra sense again because it is still a part of you. My grand mother was a big part of my life too. I am not sure if the memories will ever leave, but I am grateful I can remember. And we will make it with this new practice on lovingkindness, One other thing what works for one may not work as effectively for the other. I plan to create my own CD's on relaxation, lovingkindness and the others.
    Love Peace and happiness to you

  5. Dear Fatima,

    Hey there! How are you? First off, I would like to say that I love this picture you found. How did you find it?? It is so cute, and I have never seen a picture like that before. I am just curious as to whether you found it on the internet or in real life.

    Anyway, I am so sorry to hear that you were unable to connect whole-heartedly with this exercise. I am certain that not having a silent, relaxing environment had something to do with your concentration. I actually went out to my car, and listened to the CD there so that I would not have any distractions.

    I really enjoyed reading your blogs, and you certainly have a way with words. I am sorry that you have lost your grandmother who you love the most, but just remember all of the good times you were able to have with her. Just keep in mind, even though she is not here with you physically, she is always there with you spiritually.

    Take care darling.

  6. Hi all of you guys,
    I loved your comments, all of them.
    I figured that my real noise is coming from my own brain. I am always thinking in the background, my braon is like a heated engine and never stops.
    I will try and try again. I apprecitate the advice and I know that God and loved ones are with me, I do believe in that, Thanks God.
    Ashley I get my images from the internet, just write love images or relaxation images and you will get a list of google images and you can pick what you want.
    Thank you Chancy, Paula, Jill, Brenda, and Ash.