Friday, March 26, 2010

The Subtle Mind

Hi everyone,

Last week the love and kindness exercise did not work for me, for some reason I was not able to concentrate or in the psychospiritual language I would say, my conscious awareness was distracted in a very bad way.

This week subtle mind exercise started very smooth because I usually do breathing exercise. When I feel charged with emotions, I tend to breath and focus on my breathing. I believe in breathing exercise; they have worked for me for years, I guess since I read an article about Chinese medicine when I was a teenager and in the article it was said that we live half our lives because we breath half our capacity. We tend to breath faster and shallower depriving our body from its fullness of Oxygen and depriving our mind of it rhythmic regulator. I even used to do yoga for a while, but I guess my limited time got in the way of that, but breathing I do it whenever, sometimes I do it in bed before I sleep.

Although the CD track was horrible for this exercise, but I guess I was able to achieve some calm abiding mind with some relaxation music and concentration on my focal point of breathing.

May be loving kindness could benefit some people, but for me I think subtle mind is more beneficial because I do not have to recall loved one to proceed because that did take me to a tangled place in my mind. One major different I noticed is that loving kindness start by recalling a loved one while the subtle mind require us to send love to a loved ones, I mean the cycle was reversed.

Our three axes of being are body, mind, and spirit and they are interconnected, so if one side is pressured it will vent somewhere else. People who get physically abused should only suffer the physical pain if there is no connection with the mind or spirit, yet the physical pain is soon forgotten and the real suffering will manifest the mind and the spirit, right? So there is no argument the connection between the three axes does exist.

I personally suffer physically when I am sad or stressed. I am a living proof of how my mind and spirit affect my body and vice versa. If I get bad news I have to expect to be sick, usually respiratory infection of some kind and if I get sick I should expect an episode of depression. I literally have to get out of my way to break the cycle, although I recently decided to address my pain and live with it and then move on because I do not know how to let go without getting inside the turmoil, I could avoid it and then explode some other way, so I prefer the short pain cycle to the accumulative one.


  1. Fatima, You win the prize the music and the picture speaks for itself!!!!! I must say the breathing is helping me. I remember you talking about your six sense, I believe these practices will help that area too. Do you feel the same?

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Yes I do love the breathing exercises, they make me feel connected some how.
    I love the sound of the water, some people like the sound of birds, wind, music..etc to relax, but I need the sound of the water.
    I even sometimes close my eyes and stand under the shower and hear the water, that will calm me down if I am upset or on the verge of crying.
    I think I love everything about the ocean except swimming in it, well swimming any where where my feet do not touch a solid ground is off limits for me, I have some kind of phobia.
    The problem with the blog is that it is very slow uploading, but it is fun when it is done.

  3. Hey hey Fatima.

    You did a great job on this week's blog. I must admit you seem pretty good at this whole blog thing by incorporating slideshows and everything else! I am glad you enjoyed the subtle mind experience more. However, me on the other hand I had the opposite effect. I believe it was because I am a lot more stressed out this week than I was last. I did enjoy focusing in on my breathing though too like you, because I do this in yoga.


  4. Oh God frusteration and stress are my constant companions these days. School is getting more demanding, my son is off of school, my ex is coming to NY and I am not finding a job, so I wish these exercises are like the magic wand that could erase all of it, but they take patience. I used to di yoga, but not so much recently.