Monday, March 15, 2010

Reflection On My Wellness

We meet again on my blog.

Now I am going to ask myself, am I well? Well, I feel fine. The truth is, I can not answer such question with three words "I feel Fine", no one can. All of us are a mix of forces that take their toll on our bodies, I like to think of our bodies like a ship in the middle of the ocean. There are so many variables that will guarantee the safety of that ship like the wind, the water, the material in which the ship was made, and above all, unthinkable circumstances like storms or defects in the body of the ship. Human body is not different, there are times that I feel I am in the middle of a storm and there are times that I wish I did not exist, yet there are times that I feel I am part of a great world. I am sure I am not the only one who feel this way, we all do at some point.

Physically I am a strong woman in general, but the wear-and-tear of aging is starting to show its ugly face, yet I tend not to think about it much and live my life as tended to do years ago. I love to move and enjoy that as long as I can. I think moving helps me feel alive and that makes me happy. Psychologically, my happiness is connected to my physical state. I am one of those people that exhaustion does not sit well with my psychology. I need to sleep well, eat well, and be physically active in order to be psychologically balanced. Spirituality is not one of my biggest focuses, yet I do believe that we are all here on this earth for a reason and I do know that what I do will touch other people lives in one way or another. Therefore I am very careful not to hurt people's feeling and if I do I try to make it up for them because I believe my bad energy will transdescend from them to other people as well and the end result will be like spreading a plague.

I would rate my physical being 7/10, my psychological well being 9/10, and my spiritual well being is 7/10. I would love to be on the top scale for all my well being parameters, but to me I feel the physical part is the one controlling the rest, therefore I am aiming to improve it and the rest will follow.

What I am doing to improve my physical well-being is going to physically therapy to improve my back pain which affect my mode and personality in a negative way. I also go cycling to help get some fresh air and rewind all my stress. In the future I am willing to incorporate breathing and relaxation exercise to help me be calm and balanced.

I loved the relaxation exercise "the crime of the century" and I admit the name did not give me the right idea in the beginning and I was preoccupied by negative thoughts when I started it, but once I did, I got caught. I think the exercise was smooth, calming, and the voice was very hypnotizing. When it was done I really felt something had changed in me, I honestly felt weightless and like my body does not exist, weird huh? yet that how I felt and it was awesome considering I never felt like this before. I would definitely do that again as it turn out I can use my imagination to work for me, how nice!!


  1. Hi Fatima,

    Your post is so interesting! It sounds like you are doing everything possible to get yourself to that level you want, through your physical well being.

    I renamed the "Crime of the Century" to the "Rainbow Meditation." Made more sense to me. It was wonderful, wasn't it?

    I have saved the mp3 on my computer, and I listen to it when I need to, which is just about every day. I either need some sort of meditation or something uplifting to listen to. And I am like you, I need my physical activity too. Without it, I become agitated and even depressed.

    People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing-that's why we recommend it daily. - Zig Ziglar

    Our well-being is a work in progress. I am sure we won't have it perfected until we cross over to heavenly bliss.


  2. Hi Paula,
    You picked the perfect name, Rainbow meditation is very suitable.
    I comparing bathing to motivation is so precise, we do need constant motivation, in my case I need it like antibiotic, every six hours, lol.
    One last thing, humans aren't meant to be perfect, we just need to do our best.

  3. hello Fatima, I appreciate your thoughts on feeling fine, it was refreshing, we strive and we succeed! I hope your back heals as you keep on keeping on that is an indicator that you won't stop. Paula is right "rainbow meditation" made more sense...9/10 psychological sounds right on task to me! Good rating. and thanks for the positive note.
    Brenda A.