Sunday, April 18, 2010

Loving-kindness exercise and meeting asclepius worked for me

Hi guys,
We meet again. This course taught me a lot about relaxing and although certain things were alien to me, others turned out to be familiar to me although I did not know their significance to my health.
Both loving-kindness and meeting Aesculapius are close to my heart some how. I loved loving-kindness because it was like a hopeful exercise; it was like hypnotizing ones mind to function in a positive direction, I do it all the time to myself and others in my life, I guess when we tell our children "I know you can do it" ot "You always make me proud" that is a form of loving-kindness and we can say it to ourselves that we are good, we are strong, and most of all we can make a difference.
Meeting Aesculapius on the other hand is a visualization exercise that I did all my life without realizing it was some kind of meditation. When I am sad or stressed I always take the time to remember better times and remind myself that I was blessed and lucky and definitely the black cloud will pass and things will be good again.
Both of those exercises gave me hope and confidence and those are very important factors to my success. As long as I am moving forward knowing that I am doing my best, having the confidence in my abilities, and hoping for better results then I am happy and healthy, at the same time I will have a feeling of wholeness being a contributing part of my society.
The key word for health in my opinion is balance and as long as we are happy, we are balanced. Those exercises make me happy, I will practice them and advice people to try them or find what work for them best, after all we are our own uniques selves.


  1. Hello Fatima, Yes I thought the lovingking exercise was very helpful I am glad to know it was your best pick. i am glad we had a few choices. It's amazing how much this class has helped each one of us. It has been very therapeutic and enlightening. I sort of wish there was a class like this as a series. From your comments I see you have grown in many psychospiritual ways. I believe that as we learn we will increase and soar even more. I appreciate your post and it was refreshing
    Brenda A.

  2. Hi Fatima,

    I love the picture on your blog this week. I feel so relaxed after review the photo and reading your blog. I too like the visualization exercise because it takes me back to my childhood and I noticed all of my stress and hatred quickly disappears. I could get caught up in all of the exercises learned in this class. I have always conducted visualization exercises too like you have and was not aware that this was a form of meditation just as you stated above. I guess this is an exercise that many of us do and do not realize we are actually meditating and visualizing while relieving stress. Very interesting! I guess this is a form of daydreaming that we started way back when we were children in classrooms where we were bored to death by lectures (lol). Here we managed to bring daydreaming into our adult life today and still practice it. I wonder if that means we are alot healthier since we started when we were very young? :) Seems as if we had an early start to human flourishing, don't you agree?


  3. Jill,
    I agree that we have an early start in human flourishing as kids. Day dreaming helped us cope with hard situations and if a child get attached to the dreaming more than reality, that would be a bad outcome, yet as adults, we are more like recalling positive memories. Memories that gave us so much joy and if we do not benefit from the joy a memory can bring to us, at least we are keeping our memory sharp and vivid.
    I am one of those people who have memories of extremely young age, some people do not believe me, but I remember things that happened to me when I was one year old!!! YES I do.

  4. Hi Fatima,

    Interesting that our focus, meditative and ability to relax is a big contribution to our health.

    I'm glad these exercises make you happy. It's great to have a tool like this that doesn't cost anything, but yet is priceless!