Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meeting Asclepius

Hello everyone,
Meeting Asclepius is a visualization exercise that I have done before with little luck, yet this time I had better luck connecting with the visual individual I created and for the few minutes I did the exercise I felt calm and positive. I realized that we are what we think. If I think of someone giving me love, I would feel loved and if I visualize what is inside me as power for healing I will feel healed. At certain point of my life, I used my imagination to draw a positive picture of the world and my future and that helped me survive war, I guess in the future I need to use more visualization exercises that develop a positive feelings toward life and the future. It is like one of "Harry Potter" movies that he found a mirror where he saw his deceased parents and his friend saw himself in a dream job, both of them felt great until his teacher told him this mirror shows what ones deepest wishes are, but the result is feeling happy and calm, the happiness they felt were real not an illusion, although what was in the mirror was an illusion basically. This mirror is inside each of us that God created to give us strength, happiness, and hope.
"One cannot lead another where one has not gone himself” The concept is simple, I can not teach my son swimming if I don't know how, or dancing if I never danced, and I can not say I hate roller coaster if I never rode one. It is the same with healing, if I did not achieve physical, psychological, and spiritual healing myself, I will not be qualified to help others achieve it or I will be a fraud or a hypocrite, I am neither. In my life I use moderation to help my physical health, I use family to ground my mental health, and I use God to keep my spirituality. I love life, I love people, I believe in God and I believe everything is for a reason even the bad things that happen to us, they turn out to be for our own sake years later, life taught me that much and I am grateful for everything.


  1. Fatima. Great message abot the mirror God has given inside of me. I needed that today. I'm usually upbeat but sometimes there are situations and people that really try to make the flow messy. That message should be on a billboard because seeing myself spiritually helps me to be kind and return to God for my strength and power. I hope you are having a great week and and I pray for you to be blessed spiritually and healed physically in your back.
    Brenda A.

  2. Hi Fatima,

    What a lovely job you did on this blog this week. I felt your peace and thoughtfulness as I read it, and I love the analogies you give regarding having to have walked the walk before we can teach others.

    Thank you so much for lifting me up tonight.


  3. Hello Fatima..

    I am so glad to hear that you had better luck with Meeting Asclepius this time around!! I really like your quote "we are what we think" because this is so true. Only ourselves have control over where our mind takes us, and if we want to go to a good place all we have to do is put our mind to it! Using your family to keep you stable in your mental health is a great point. Our family gives us comfort, and we know that our family is usually always there for us no matter what we do without judgement.

    GREAT BLOG!!! P.S. I love the picture!!

  4. Thank you Brenda for your prayer, I need it.
    Thank you Paula I really appreciate the nice words and you are welcome.
    Hi Ashley, I did have better luck this time. I do believe in good anchors in my life; God and family are my rocks in hard times. About we are who we think...I find that we see ourselves and the world through our eye and I find it hard to see myself different with age or any changes, I still think of myself like the time I was aware I am an individual as a child, that is why I sometimes forget my age and my weight!! and get on my son scooter and fall like you can not believe it, LOL.